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Here are the latest articles written by Pastor Kenneth and Pastor Sharon. Click the titles to read. Enjoy and be blessed!

Incline your ear and hear Him for the coming glory!
Pr Kenneth Kang 
During a time of worship and prayer recently, I heard and declared these words:
"This is the time to receive the anointing of the Holy Spirit to break every stone that hinders you from hearing in the spirit! These stones have been put up by the enemy to block you from hearing clearly from the Lord. But God has released this holy anointing oil today, and your 'ear' will be clear to hear again!"

Pr Kenneth Kang
In Christ, know that you have already been bought by the blood of Jesus. 'Blood-bought'! When He died for you and His blood was shed for you on the cross, He has suffered all for you. Always look to the blood and remember the blood! It is the blood that saves you, and it is also the blood that protects you. And if He has already paid the price in full for you with His blood, and has suffered every form of evil and plague on your behalf, how then can any evil or plague come near you?

Pr Kenneth Kang
As you cross the 'threshold' into a new season in your life, the Lord has also promised you with Isaiah 45:2, that 'He is going before you and makes the crooked places straight before you'. Not only that, He will also break in pieces the 'gates of bronze' and cut the 'bars of iron' as He opens the way for you! This promise is especially for those who have not had much breakthrough in the past 6 months. But God is telling you today that He is breaking every work of flesh and cutting every spiritual stronghold that had hindered you in the past months!

The entrance of God's words gives light!
Pr Kenneth Kang
Recently, the Lord spoke these words to a congregation I was ministering to:
"Many of you are crossing the threshold, and many of you are entering a new season of breakthrough that you've been waiting far too long. But now is your time! Your time has come! This is also the time to eat of My Word! Eat, and keep eating, so you will be strong for the journey ahead!"

Pr Sharon Kang
Many times, I have been requested by people to pray for their spiritual walk with the Lord. One day, as I was having a morning walk and was asking the Lord what to preach for that week, I heard the word ‘trees’. And as I was walking home, revelation started to flow and it was then that I had a better understanding of the ‘trees’ He was telling me.

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