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Pastor Kenneth & Pastor Sharon

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Here are the latest articles written by Pastor Kenneth and Pastor Sharon. Click the titles to read. Enjoy and be blessed!

The power of God is now present to heal you!
Pr Kenneth Kang 
In a time of worship and prayer, I heard these words from the Lord for this time and season:
"These coming four months are months of recovery. Many of you have been asking for more of Me and the manifestation of My power, and I have heard it. Know that My power is present, not absent. There's an anointing flowing and coming very strongly beginning this month, especially in the areas of restoration and healing. Take it with you and be blessed. I will bless your hands. Yes, I will put My hand upon your hands. I will put My anointing upon your hands. There's power for healing. There's power for miracles. There's power to prosper. And there's so much more that I want to put upon your hands. Receive it with your hands."

Receiving your restoration and forgiveness
Pr Kenneth Kang 
Know that no matter what mistake (or mistakes) you have made in life, He still loves you. And the Bible says He loves you with an everlasting love (Jeremiah 31:3). In fact, He loves you so much that He's willing to carry them all just for you! All the sins, the cross, the shame! (Isaiah 53:3-5)

Pr Sharon Kang
Many times, I have been requested by people to pray for their spiritual walk with the Lord. One day, as I was having a morning walk and was asking the Lord what to preach for that week, I heard the word ‘trees’. And as I was walking home, revelation started to flow and it was then that I had a better understanding of the ‘trees’ He was telling me.

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