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Here are the latest articles written by Pastor Kenneth and Pastor Sharon. Click the titles to read. Enjoy and be blessed!

A time to protect your mind!

Pr Kenneth Kang 
During a time of worship and prayer the other day, God spoke these words:
"Let not your mind wander away from Me! Let it not be distracted by the enemy! Let it not be distracted by what the enemy says! Let it not be distracted by whatever the enemy throws against you - the sickness, the lack, the problem! But let it be set on Me! Focus on your own 'Bread', and not the enemy's 'bread'!"

Jesus has the 'last laugh' over the enemy!
Pr Kenneth Kang 
Recently, I heard these words from the Lord:
"I have the final victory! I have the 'last laugh' over the enemy! I have overcome it for you! This is the time to receive the faith and anointing to take authority and triumph over every spirit of discouragement and defeat that has been sent by the enemy against you."

Pr Kenneth Kang 
The Bible says that 'the Word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword' (Hebrews 4:12). Deborah to Barak here is a 'picture' of the importance of speaking and declaring 'the Word of God' into every area of your life today, especially so for those areas that have been overcome by much negativity, disappointment, or failure recently. I believe it's not too late yet. Just as in the days of Deborah and Barak, you too can put your 'house' in order again today.

Pr Sharon Kang
Many times, I have been requested by people to pray for their spiritual walk with the Lord. One day, as I was having a morning walk and was asking the Lord what to preach for that week, I heard the word ‘trees’. And as I was walking home, revelation started to flow and it was then that I had a better understanding of the ‘trees’ He was telling me.

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